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Driving school Turku Onni-Driver (ex. Ajo-opet Turku)

Welcome to our 1st international driving school Onni-Driver in Turku!

We have been running driving school Ajo-opet Turku since 2009. Onni-Driver driving school ( is a brand new name for the first international driving school in Turku. The intention of the name-changing is to focus our core services on the students with internatinoal backgrounds. We have had students from more than 80 different countries. We understand the needs of students and we can effectively guide them to achieve their goals.  

How to apply for Turku driving school Onni-Driver?

  1. The Turku driving school Onni-Driver has theory lessons every Monday at 16.15. You can join a theory lesson without pre-booking or by register here or by checking timetable. Don't worry, free trial one theory.
  2. Take your ID or passort with you for the registration.
  3. After the registration, the Turku driving school Onni-Driver will provide you further helpful instructions. 

How to get a B-category driving license?

In Finland, getting the B-category driving license includes three phases: the basic phase, the training phase and the advanced phase. The basic phase includes 19 theory lessons, 17 driving lessons and darkness education. You need to pass the theory test before the driving test. The training phase includes 1 theory lesson and 2 driving lessons. The order of these theory and driving lessons can be determined according to what is possible for the students and the school, however, it has to be taken before the advanced stage. The advanced phase includes 2 driving lessons, slippery road training for 2 hours and 3 hours theory lesson in the Paimio.

How long does it takes?

For the basic phase, It usually takes about 2-3 months that the driver's license in your pocket. However, in a special case, for example, driving skill has but no license, the Turku driving school Onni-Driver will deliver the fast service, our record is less than one month. Additionally, all payments have to be paid off before the driving test.

When can I take the theory test?

Bear in mind you need to do two things before booking the theory test (Ajovarma Oy Turku: 075 3239999 or Firstly, the certification (E-100) from the driving school is received when all 19 thory lessons are completed. Secondly, the driving license permit application is applied and permitted. 

Can I order the theory and driving exams in the different language?

The theory and driving exams can be taken in Finnish, Swedish and English. If your language skill is not good enough to take the exam, you are allowed to invite a translator with you during the examination time (60mins.). The price with translator for booking the exam costs 94 euros in Ajovarma, otherwise in all three languages costs 31 euros (30mins.)

How long the theory exam is valid? When shall I take the driving exam?

You are allowed to take driving test only after passing the theory exam. The theory exam is valid for 1 year since new legislation is taken into force by 19.1.2013.

What do I need to do if I have a foreign driving license granted in some other country than Finland?  

It means you are going to change the Finnish (EU-) driving license. The best way to clear it out is to visit Ajovarma office in person. Remember to take your passport and an original driving license with you. Read more about the Foreign driving licnese.

Make an appointment for applying the driving permission at Ajovarma office in person. When you are granted for the permission of license change from Ajovarma Oy, in all cases if you will need to take theory or (and) driving exams with driving school car. Please contact us +358 44 540 1632 at once. We will provide you reading materials and web-based theory exercises, meanwhile the optional driving lessons can be arranged according to your practical driving skills in the traffic. We recommend a minimum driving lesson (50mins.) before going to the driving exam with renting the school car. Check the costs for the driving license change! 

For more info, please call Jiaxi Tan-Juslin, tel. +358 44 540 1632